A chance meeting with Runcible Sprocket (poem)

Walking back to home one day
I heard a voice in some dismay
“Excuse me! I don’t mean to cause a fuss,
But we entangled on the bus.

I say entangled, but it was either that
Or permit your buttocks to squash me flat.”

I looked down and recoiled a-daze
As a man below returned my gaze
“Good afternoon, I’m Runcible Sprocket,
And I am the person in your pocket.”

“What is the meaning of this,” I cried.
“What is the meaning of anything,” he replied.
“I’ve never seen such a little person,” I stuttered.
“I’m the tallest in my family,” he muttered.

“There are more!” I exclaimed.
“Lots and lots” he explained.

“There’s a lot more to this life
Than the stress and strain of daily strife.
Take a moment. Smell the flowers!
There’s so much more to this world of ours.

“Aliens walk among us, dressed in Sunday best.
There are dinosaurs in hiding, in pirates’ treasure chests.
There are unicorns and leprechauns, sworn to stay well-hidden.
Even the slightest mention of them is, well, forbidden.
There are fairies, elves and goblins, tree trolls and nymphs,
Open up your eyes and you will catch a glimpse!”

With that he bid a full and fond farewell
And left me blinking, caught up in his spell.

That day changed my world, I will now admit.

Since that day, I’ve always looked before I sit!

treasure chest

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