The Drawer (poem)

In our house, and maybe yours,
We have a special drawer.
It’s been there since the day we moved.
We all know what it’s for.

Old bills and bank card statements,
A broken, clicky pen.
Dusty backs of earrings,
Some unused Just For Men.

Half a pack of chewing gum;
Some matches; parcel tape.
A novelty pack of straws
Knocked all out of shape

In our house, and maybe yours,
We have this secret stash.
It has no meaning of itself…
It’s just halfway to the trash



13 thoughts on “The Drawer (poem)

  1. Loved this poem. We had one of these drawers in our house when I was a child. My Dad called it “The Junk Drawer”. If you couldn’t find something you would always look in the “Junk Drawer” first! It was amazing all the stuff that was in there😃 thanks for the memories!

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  2. We’ve got a unit in the lounge with 4 of them. It also gets junk put on top of it which either goes to a proper home (bank statement file, etc) or into the bin – or into one of the drawers when we can’t decided what to do with it. We were discussing them the other day – many things go in over the years but the only items that we retrieve are: scissors, sellotape, take-away menus and pens. I found a 7 year old invitation to a wedding the other day…

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      • Yes, I should have mentioned that the invitation was “used”. We started off having some kind of system as to what went into which of the four drawers but that has long broken down – they all now contain “some essentials and shite we don’t know what to do with” but we have to check all 4 of the bloody things to find the scissors.
        By the way, Sue has mentioned that “at some point” should be my catchphrase, as in “I’ll fix that leaky tap… at some point” or “I’ll sort out those sodding drawers… at some point”.


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