“L is for… Liar!” (poem)

Little Lisa liked to lie,
She lied the whole day long.
If she even tried the truth
It just came out all wrong.

She’s a dis-honest dodger
A diddler, a cheat
Chock-full of chicanery
Fake falsehoods and deceit!

Call it lies, fibs, porky pies,
Or just bending the truth,
If she tells you a story
You’d better check for proof!

Lying comes easy to some
While others need to try
But one thing Lisa could naturally do
Was lie, lie, LIE !


9 thoughts on ““L is for… Liar!” (poem)

  1. This is great! I have my own little Lisa. My stepdaughter’s all grown up now at 18, but when she was in elementary school, she told the teacher a heartwarming story about how she was adopted but had recently met her birth mother for the first time. Um, no. That didn’t happen. LOL

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