Friday Favourites – Jumblebum

I am taking part in Rhyming Picture Book Month, aka RhyPiBoMo (, and as part of this we are asked to share our favourite rhyming picture books every Friday. This week’s choice is Jumblebum, by Chae Strathie and Ben Cort.

“This is the story of Johnny McNess,
Whose room was an eye-popping, tum-churning mess!”

Nothing will make Johnny tidy his bedroom – but then Johnny has never met the Jumblebum (a “beast” made out of the mess in his room)… And this snuffling, snorty monster is looking to fill his big jumble tum!

This is a really lively, fun story, with a simple bouncy rhythm. If you are looking for a mentor text for great use of alliteration and assonance, then this fits the bill too – it’s full of wonderful lines such as “the horribly slobbery Jumblebum beast” and “later that night, as he snoozled and snored, Something was stirring down there on the floor”. Throw in some onomatopoeia (“hurrumph, harroo!”) for good measure, and you’ve got a great mixture!

On a more personal level, this is also the book that ensured that my son kept his room tidy for over a year… he took the idea of the Jumblebum beast very literally! You may not want to encourage that, but if you are having trouble getting your child to keep their room in some vague sense of order, remember the Jumblebum Beast!


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