Out of Office Autoreply Haiku #2 (poems)

Paternity leave messages
Emails. Wait in
Inbox festering while I
Change baby nappies

Out of the office
Changing new baby nappies
Elbow deep in poo

Wife just had baby
Will we ever sleep again?
Please don’t answer that

The dramatic
A forlorn inbox.
A message flashes to life.
Ping! Silence again

The braggart
Picture this and weep:
White sand beach, azure waters,
A palm tree. And me

The pessimist
Insert generic
Out of office message text
For no one to read

The honest
At work, but busy
Using this to filter chaff
Call me if urgent

The geek
Not in the office
Will reply upon return
Valar dohaeris

In my underwear
Watching Game of Thrones boxset.
Winter is coming


2 thoughts on “Out of Office Autoreply Haiku #2 (poems)

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