Away (poem)

There is a weekly poetry prompt here – . This week’s prompt word is “away”. This is the first time I’ve submitted a poem here, but the prompt word sparked something off in me almost straight away, so I couldn’t resist! It inspired a Lewis Carroll-style bout of daydreaming… hope you enjoy.

Away from the bustle
Swinging through the trees
Chasing silly silverbacks
And cheeky chimpanzees

Away with the fairies
Up, off and away
Surfing midnight waves
On a silver breakfast tray

Away from all this
Soaring so high
Catching candy floss clouds
In a mackerel sky

Away from peeking eyes
Deep in a cave
Slaying the shadow spider
Feeling so brave

Led in the meadow
Feet in the stream
Not doing much,
But living the dream


23 thoughts on “Away (poem)

  1. “Surfing midnight waves / on a sliver breakfast tray”; “slaying the shadow spider” – this poem reminded me of one my mother wrote a long time ago. It is light, escapist and…away. Pretty!

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  2. I feel like writing now.

    like diving in my mind for all the dreams
    I haven’t dreamt yet
    and for all the dreams
    I could dream again.

    And that’s what I am going to do now!
    When a muse writes it strikes another person – even if it turns out as something as simple as this.

    Your poem totally got me and … well I think the little poem which you inspired me to writeexplains everything else 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your poem with us!

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