The Original Charles’s Angels (poem)

The original Charles’s Angels
Gathered all together.
Bound within their bodices
(With not a hint of leather).

These Angels dress from top to toe
In finest regency fashion.
But you must take a closer look,
For hints of their true passion.

The bonnets are all bombproof,
The feather’s razor-keen:
Beneath those stylish dresses
Hide weapons, sharp, unseen

They seem so prim and proper,
Well-spoken and polite.
You’ll see a different side though,
If they’re forced to fight!

These Angels make their living,
Working underground.
Undercover, under wraps;
They rarely fool around!

Ada Allegra’s the leader,
She is a viscount’s daughter.
As brave and fair as anyone,
And a champion underwater!

Punchy Prudence Passionheart
Tends to lead with her fists.
A nifty getaway rider:
Make sure you stay off her lists!

Quick-witted Connie Connors,
The talker of the trio,
Learnt her trade in hustling,
On the streets of Rio.

Apart, they are a fearsome bunch,
With interests extreme.
But together Charles has moulded them
Into one “angelic” team!

This poem was written as my entry to join the funeverse – . It is based on one of Katherine Lynas’ wonderful pictures – Image 1 here:

Creative commons / Picture courtesy of:

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