The Handshake (poem)

Some would try to persuade you,
That all begins with the eyes
That they open up a window
And let you see inside

But eyes are made for looking out
And not for looking in.
A surer way to get a read
Means going skin to skin

(Before your mind runs off with you,
I mean a handshake, pure and true)

Shake that person by the hand
Treat them to a smile
You’ll know all you need to know
Solely from their style

Too limp and they’re a lettuce
Too firm and they’re a bully
Too wet means they’re all slippery –
Understand this fully!

So when you meet someone new
Grasp that hand just right
Greet them with a “how do you do?”
And your future’s looking bright!

6644037141_b2d483d3f4_m – dhendrix73 / Creative Commons

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12 thoughts on “The Handshake (poem)

  1. Gosh, this brought a smile to my face… I shook hands with someone new not that long ago and he said, “Wow, you have a firm handshake!” I smiled and thought, years of being the CEO of a company left me with something , eh? 😉

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  2. Ah, going into a handshake with pumped sales guys and senior execs (all male) means that you have to gird your palms (rather than your loins – that would be a lawsuit if they made a grab for that). Be prepared to meet force with force – but not so much that you end up in some kind of fight…

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