F is for… First Day of School (poem)

Reblogging this for all those parents whose children are just starting school… wrote it a year ago, but it seems like so much longer!

A Certain Point of View

First day of school
Lined up in a row
Stand behind a crying one
Who doesn’t want to go

Shuffle in in silence
Knowing no one’s name
Hand-in-hand clutched tightly
Others do the same

The whistle blows – PEEP!
Teacher leads them in

I stand there sobbing
Tears dripping from my chin

first day of school

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9 thoughts on “F is for… First Day of School (poem)

  1. I was the opposite with my children. They started getting bored at home and needed more stimulation. My mom used to look after them when I was at work and I think she was relieved also from the demands on her. No crying. Just smiles. Lucky me! The crying came later when they started to hate school or bullying problems.


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