Madeleine (poem)

Crowding at the bar
The pressure of others.

Nose twitches.

That fragrance in the air,
That diverse, spicy blend

A momentary shock
Dropping under dark water

I’m back there
In that place

With you

Clarity undimmed by time
Regret magnified

This was written for Secret Keeper’s weekly prompt, using the words – pressure – diverse – fragrance – clarity – shock


16 thoughts on “Madeleine (poem)

  1. What a beautifully written poem. I love the way you flow with your wordings and use of the 5 words writing prompt. Just brilliant. I went for the short fiction. But I like your idea of trying for a Haiku. You may have inspired me with that thought. We’ll see for both of us what we end up doing. Maybe a Tanka. It gives you two extra lines with 7 syllables in each line. I would like to add, you are a natural with free verse. jk 🙂

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