Heart’s Relapse (poem)

Heart’s relapse
A-flutter with flattery

Tested. Found wanting
Or worse. We’ll see.

I don’t possess a heart
A heart possesses me

Written in response to Secret Keeper’s weekly set of prompts – Relapse – Worse – Flatter – Test – Possess. Check it out here: http://thesecretkeeper.net/2015/09/28/weekly-writing-prompt-4/


15 thoughts on “Heart’s Relapse (poem)

  1. I love your poem and your use of the words. “the heart possesses is me” is such a powerful line and a confession for most people including myself. Pleased the words worked so well for you. I think the power of the heart and of the love it is possessed by is a good turn of phrase and a great mining job using the (5) words. Great. jk

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      • Have you checked out trying to use the Shadorma. Indirectly and extension physically of the Haiku. Gives one a bit more space to work with. It actually allows for the use of more than one stanza.

        It was a difficult group of words to work with but so far success. What you wrote was amazing. The challenge to write Haiku is more difficult. You should have seen the original words. I had to throw them out. Had way too many syllables. But I think it was the variables in meaning with this group. But it gives one a chance to experiment in other forms. Which you did beautifully.

        Will see what words appear next week. I hope they are more fitting for you to write your Haiku. Now I will tell you I like to do multiple verse Haiku, It is of my own invention but I was told my one of my teachers that it is alright to explore new ways to express the Haiku. I say, feel free to experiment. No tests to pass here, only creativity and experimentation, if you like. jk 😀

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        • I’m all for creativity! I haven’t tried a shadorma yet, but will have a look. I do like the limitations of haiku, tbh – it forces you to boil an idea down to the absolute essential components. I’ve written a few multiple verse haiku too, as the muse demands 🙂

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