Acting 101 (haiku)

The key to acting:
Collect thoughts. Stream emotion.
Bring fiction to life!


This was written for secret keeper’s weekly challenge, based on no less than five prompt words – stream fiction collect act key. I set myself a personal challenge to get all five into a meaningful haiku…



10 thoughts on “Acting 101 (haiku)

  1. Holy eye popping amazing. You did it. A perfect Haiku. All the words fitting so well together. It is what is told to an artist, you make it look so easy but I know it is not unless you and the Muse met with true minds and inspiration and more was bestowed upon you. You have a true gift. I am impressed. My actual first words were: “Holy Cripes, Batman! You did it.” I was floored. Blew me away. Blowing me away now too. Perfection.

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