OctPoWriMo #9 – Elemental (haiku)

Feet pickled with damp
From the comforting ground mist;
Fiery thoughts still rage



This is today’s contribution to OctPoWriMo – a challenge to write a poem a day during October. You can sign up here, at any time during the month, or just check out the prompts and tips if you prefer – http://www.octpowrimo.com/


Image by Morgan Dragonwillow

32 thoughts on “OctPoWriMo #9 – Elemental (haiku)

  1. So nicely done with the haiku form. To set in the first two lines the feelings of the serene connection to nature, while the last two line so perfectly expresses in spite of this we are still susceptible to allowing our inner rage to blind us to serenity around us,

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