Haiku – “The View From The Bridge”

The view from the bridge
Masks fame in idolatry
Like yarn to a cat

The view from the bridge
Sees fame’s mask as fresh fleeting,
A rambling yarn

A heartwarming yarn
Bridges view of fleeting fame
To settle our masks

These are in response to Secret Keeper’s weekly challenge, based on five prompt words – FAME | VIEW | MASK | BRIDGE | YARN . Some great words this week 🙂 Check out the other entries here: http://thesecretkeeper.net/2015/10/19/weekly-writing-prompt-7/


12 thoughts on “Haiku – “The View From The Bridge”

  1. Each Haiku is divine. I love them separately and together. Perfect use of the words. Each Haiku if taken apart captures a different approach in defining the words, especially mask and fame. Then you twist bridge in the third one and make it into a connection. Clever throughout. And the addiction to fame as yarn is to the cat. I read a quote, I believe it was Frank Herbert, who stated [paraphrased] believing in one’s fame, he used the word greatness, is foolish, for it is fleeting and if one gets too attached it can bring on madness. For the exact quote, I would have to do some digging. But I think I presented the general idea, as you did in your Haiku. Al, you have such a marvelous mind for words. You take them and know how to mold them with your mind in ways quite genius and give the reader the pleasure of what you have created. Art so divinely created. jk

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