OctPoWriMo #25 – Reminiscing on Childhood

Never had a favourite toy,
Not that I recall.
No comforter or teddy.
No treasured bat and ball.

How many other grown ups
Had their memories overwrit,
By some grainy photos,
Or a loved ones reminisce?

Is the poet’s search for truth
Similarly tainted?
Objectivity lost as I become with
Others’ views acquainted?

Memory is fluid;
Perspective always shifting.
Maybe truth matters less
Than the process of truth-sifting



Written for OctPoWriMo. Today’s prompt was “childhood favourites”, ie beloved childhood toys.


30 thoughts on “OctPoWriMo #25 – Reminiscing on Childhood

  1. I like your point of view, and the way you put it is so beautiful, it’s hard not to like it 😉

    I must say that I *do* remember my little dog fondly. The softness of its fur, the flexibility of its body, the way it brought me comfort in times of need. Somehow, it feels like I have more memories of it supporting me than of my mom doing the same. I have a memory here or there of her reading me a bed time story. But that’s about it. And I don’t even have feelings that she did. Whereas I have feelings that my soft toy did.

    Weird, he! 🙂

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    • Not weird at all! It’s more interesting (for me) to wonder how much of this you would have recognised as “true” at the time, and how much comes through the filter of hindsight, mixed with other experiences. That was where the idea for this poem came from – do we even know our own truths? Then that started to blow my mind a little bit so I headed in this direction!

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    • I was commenting on a friend’s blog the other day about the differences / likely differences between my childhood and that of my sons. That freedom to roam and explore outside, far away from home, is likely to be a key one


      • I agree. Though my wandering far and wide mostly came on summers in the country. Even so. Back home in town it was hopscotch, marbles, baseball.. I was only indoors when it was time to sleep or it was raining. We lived in a different time.

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