Haiku on love and death

Ronovan’s haiku prompts this week – “life” and “give” – have brought out a stream of haiku from me on love and death. I hope you enjoy them 🙂

My greatest regret:
I’ve only one life to give,
To service your love

I’d give everything;
Heart’s lock, life’s joys, soul’s sunshine,
For just one more day

Life is for giving:
Share your tender heart wisely
And you shall receive

No more days to give…
I’ll greet death with a smile
For this gift of life

When life’s revels end,
Regrets are for the death-bed,
But give them lightly

My final moments
No more pain shall I suffer.
The night’s bird takes flight




34 thoughts on “Haiku on love and death

  1. I really like #3. And as for #1, I know it may seem silly, but I respectfully disagree. We have many lives to give to our loved ones 🙂
    And I like the ones on death. Yes, we shouldn’t have too many regrets!

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