Haiku – “Pepper”

#1 A dream couple?

Bachelor #1
My biggest turn-offs?
Pepper on a f@**ing steak!
Moaning non-smokers

Bachelorette #1
My biggest turn-offs?
Talk peppered with expletives;
Smokers; meat-eaters


Dancefloor clearance squad…
Works like a pepperspray bomb
With my clunky moves!


Recipe for life:
Pinch of salt, dash of pepper,
And a big, tough heart




22 thoughts on “Haiku – “Pepper”

  1. Excellent–I’m especially pondering the last one, how we think having a soft (compassionate, loving) heart is good, and it is…but there are times when a tough (as in strong, unbreakable) heart serves us so much better.

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