Haiku – The Inner Editor

Inner editor
Takes me close to breaking point
With her sharp red pen


Written for secret keeper’s weekly challenge, based on the prompts: sharp red break pen close



Picture courtesy of flickr.com/photos/pixel_bunny/2088849295

12 thoughts on “Haiku – The Inner Editor

  1. Wouldn’t it be fun to create the Haiku Party Game? You know, where we toss a bunch of words into a bag, each player draws out a specific amount (determined by the little spinner thingy) and then they have, oh let’s say, sixty seconds to create a haiku… Yeah, I can see that working at MY next party. Unless… unless, I invite YOU!

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  2. How you do it is amazing to me. Your mind wraps around the words and they guide you to their natural order. Once again you blow my mind. I am impressed especially with this Haiku. It had supremely clean edges and was so relate-able. I love it. Great word puzzling. – jk

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