Haiku – Haunted

Strange days are turning.
Rough deeds beget dust, no more,
Haunted by my past

Rough ghosts assail me
Strange fruits turn to dust and ash
Clogging in my maw

It’s the ghost of her.
Dust turning in eve’s strange light
Rough-forms her image

I cry.


Written for secret keeper’s weekly poem prompt, using – ghost rough dust strange turn. http://thesecretkeeper.net/2015/12/14/weekly-writing-prompt-15/




9 thoughts on “Haiku – Haunted

  1. What an image. Read Haiku before looking upon it. You worked the 5 words like magic making form appear and disappear. They always show up. Every word in each Haiku giving its meaning true.Your Haiku, to me, is like bending metal to your will. It is what you command of your wording. Each presentation they obey and find their designated place to create the perfect form of a meaningful set of one to multiple Haiku. Excellent. – jk

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