Merry Zombie Christmas!

I hadn’t planned on writing another poem before Christmas, but yesterday’s haiku about broken hearts and betrayal didn’t seem to strike the right festive note for me… This is far more up my street!

(Two things I can promise you about 2016: more haikumore zombies.)

Thank you to everyone for your comments, likes and all-round awesomeness this year. I really do appreciate it <3. Love and best wishes to you and your families x

The Christmas zombies
Wish you festive brain chomping
And happy fresh flesh !




14 thoughts on “Merry Zombie Christmas!

  1. Hi Al,
    You visited my site today (still today in California), and I wanted to say thank you. Thank you! =).
    I want to respond to your zombie haiku. I was actually at a dinner party recently where they said people were scared of zombies. What! I know a teacher at my school who collects zombie stuffed animals. Now, I read your zombie haiku. Merry Zombie Christmas to you Al.

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