The Little Things You Love (TGBOL)

This week’s prompt for The Great Book of Lists are the little things you love…

1. A hug from my wife after a rubbish day at work.

2. Walking my eldest son (aged 6) to school, holding his hand, talking about everything and nothing.

3. Giving my youngest son (aged 2) the “prompt” line from his favourite book (Ten Little Pirates), and smiling as he says “no ship, no food, no way home”. Every single time.

4. Writing a line of poetry that makes me smile, or makes me feel … hopefully others will share this feeling.

5. Emptying the fluff filter of the tumble dryer, while the fluff is still warm. Seriously. I love this. This is like the best bit of owning a cat, without the mewling for food every time you walk through the kitchen.

6. Crossing things off lists. Write week 2 list post. 

7. The first “like” on any blog post I publish. I fret incessantly until “someone” in the world has read my words, and taken the trouble to click on the “like” icon. Only when I get that email ping do I allow myself to relax. I’m not at all sure this is healthy!




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The Great Book of Lists, Chapter 1.2 : The little things you love


42 thoughts on “The Little Things You Love (TGBOL)

  1. Fab post Al! Must try this one too.

    Point of info – even though I don’t always get to ‘like’ your posts, I do indeed ‘like’ them very much! 🙂
    Re 5: I am slightly concerned as to whether you put your cat into your tumble dryer? I’m sure that’s not allowed! ;P
    As for 6 and 7: I’m so glad we helped tick those off your list for today. ‘I loves lists, I do’ – best Welsh accent applied! 😉

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  2. Those are great Al, family bring so much joy in their different ways. I have to say that I am with you on number 7, I too am a bit like that when I have written a post, especially if I think it can be taken the wrong way. Seeing a ‘like’ or a comment there is a wonderful feeling 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on wolfcloudpoet and commented:
    This is a great list similar to my own😊🌟As for the fretting over wanting to have your creative work liked, no matter what it is– that is a common trait among all creative people I’ve written over 3,000 poems in my time and most of them have never been read, except by me because I used to worry that people would not like my poems or laugh at me. I have learned now, that it doesn’t matter if it’s not liked because someone will like it and that’s all that matters

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    • The logical part of my brain agrees with you about it not mattering if a poem is liked, but there’s still some pull on the “performer introvert” part of my brain. It’s like having a lion as a pet. You can understand and control it, to a degree, but at the end of the day it’s still a lion!

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      • You are absolutely right about that! 😀 I think the need for approval of our work just comes with the turf, so to speak. That’s just a part of being creative and exposing yourself through your art whatever it may be to the rest of the world. That’s not an easy thing to do. I joke all the time with those I allow to see my poetry about my needing feedback because I’m insecure….actually I’m half joking the other part is a little bit of truth. It still humbles me that I can move people to tears or joy with my poetry and I’ve been a poet since 1976. There’s just something magic about being able to affect people that powerfully through pouring out our souls and our poetic vision onto paper with a pen. I am truly blessed to have the gift of being able to write poetry.

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  4. Here is your 43rd like (probably means nothing you now… ). Love this list! Paticularly your son responding to the prompts – I get a thrill when we get ‘hurrah!’ And claps and the screech of scarface claw, the toughest tom in town all on cue. We haven’t got many words yet.

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    • Thank you, #43 😉

      It’s weird, but nice as likes are, it’s comments that mean far more once that initial feeling of “will anyone even read this” has been quieted. So a proper thank you for commenting 🙂

      Our youngest is speech delayed, we’ve only just this week got him to say”mummy” properly, so getting him to join in with books was a huge thing. I blogged previously about meeting the author of that Ten Little Pirates book, and feeling that I HAD to tell him that story – that, despite being mostly pre-speech, he’d still try to say that line. I know it’ll all come in time, but those little moments on the way are what makes life worth living. The next couple of years will be full of those for you too 🙂

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      • No. 43 checking back in 🙂

        Yes! I know what you mean about commenting. I love getting comments and I love getting to know people via the comments section. I’ll look up that book. One of my son’s faves is The Giant Jam Sandwhich. He does actions to the words “the gentlemen cheered, the ladies squeeled…” haha love it!

        Keep enjoying those moments : )

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