Bewitched – Limerick

I’m bewitched by those entrancing blue eyes
Deeper than seas, brighter than skies
If there was a doubt
You’ve cast it out
And your love for me is the prize


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24 thoughts on “Bewitched – Limerick

  1. faithful, look into my eyes ~ therein, the staircase to the skies ~ freedom we seek ~ love’s truth to speak ~ this way there can be no lies
    (this limerick thing is fun) (uh oh, could there be a new book in my future???)

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  3. I love this thread of conversation! ^^ Good luck with that!

    And I simply love this limerick. It is beautiful. A joy to read. The eyes I lose myself into aren’t blue, but I could really feel the same thing in your poem as when I look into these eyes…
    Thank you.

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