The List of My Desires (TGBOL)

The prompt for this week is to “list our desires”.

Instead of listing material things to buy, I suggest we list things we feel like doing in 2016, things that really inspire us, make us smile, giggle. Itโ€™s not a resolutions list.

Obviously, with this prompt, my first thought was to have a little fun with the “desires” part, and list some famous people who’d be on “the list” (you know, “the list” of 5 people that you’re allowed to fantasy cheat on your partner with, should the opportunity arise… it’s best not to list people in your social circle on this one…) At this point, I realised that I currently have no idea who’d be on said list… I can remember some from the past, but can’t think of anyone from the present… This shows either:

(a) I’m growing up, and no longer play such childish games (yeah, right… how do you think this train of thought started??)
(b) Being a parent of two young monkeys, most of my time revolves around them, doing what they want to do, and watching what they watch… Octonauts just aren’t sexy (although they are wonderfully educational)…

I digress…

So, here’s some stuff I feel like/ need to be doing this year, in no order of priority!

1 – Focus. Spend one day per week COMPLETELY offline, so that when I spend time with my family, they have my full attention.

2 – Self-publish. I am still working on children’s picture book stories with the help of my SCBWI critique groups, but I also have some ideas for self-publishing some poetry collections, and non-fiction.

3 – Fail more, and faster. Enter more competitions, both for poetry and short stories, and send off submissions to agents/publishers for picture books.

4 – Family fun! Finally arrange that day trip to the Natural History Museum that we’ve been considering for ages (our 6 year old, especially, will love it – his favourite person in the world is David Attenborough!). Hopefully we’ll get an opportunity to go on holiday later this year too, but as ever that will depend on our finances.

5 – Learn more. Learn to play the ukelele, at least to a very basic standard. (You have no idea what a low musical baseline I’m starting from…) Sign up for the FutureLearn screenwriting course, and make time to complete it.

6 – Go on dates! Rope the babysitters in more often to have date nights with my wife. Watch new films at the cinema! Plays at the theatre! Eat grown-up meals! Crazy stuff!

Wish me luck!



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18 thoughts on “The List of My Desires (TGBOL)

  1. You’re playing a stormer today, Al! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m loving this list and think I shall follow suit and work on one for myself. I’d have to swap the ukelele (there are just too many elelelelele in this word!) for coffee with Channing Tatum though! I know, I should know better, but I’m still 25 in my head! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck ticking things off this list… x

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    • Thanks! I can see the attraction of Channing Tatum… we watched 21 Jump Street before Christmas, with zero expectations (I’m sad enough to have been a fan of the original series)… I’ve gotta say, I was impressed! (Plus it has the best cameo ever)


  2. I’ve decided to do more, much along the lines of your points 2 & 3. And now eldest is at Uni and youngest is getting more independent (but still needing lifts), we’re at more liberty to go off and do fun things as a couple again (we’re going to a Murder Mystery weekend tomorrow – I just need to get i2 Analyst Workstation on my laptop & I’m sorted…)
    But it is a long time before your lads will be 16 & 19, so go on – start now and grab a piece of adult life!

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  3. Excellent resolutions! I started doing #1 this year on Sundays. It was HARD for the first two and I almost gave up. This weekend will be the 4th “no computer day” and we are going to my first opera. Really. It’s the hardest resolution I made, but it’s turning out to be the best. Much luck to you!

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