Dream Travels – TGBOL

This week’s prompt for the Great Book of Lists is to list our “dream travels” – “travels we’d love to do, places we’d like to go to,  that we’ve been dreaming of”.

So, in the real world:

1. A long holiday touring across Australia,taking in a British & Irish Lions rugby tour, and specifically going to Melbourne (we didn’t have chance to visit on our previous visit to Australia)
2. Prague, Czech Republic
3. Canada, especially Vancouver
4. Those incredible white sandy beaches of the Maldives
5. Black Forest, Germany (visiting castles that have that ‘Disney’ look, but for real)

But as we’re talking “dream travels”, here’s a day spent in fiction

 – First and second breakfast in The Shire;
– a light lunch of a “sausage inna bun” from CMOT Dibbler in Ankh-Morpork;
– afternoon tea at Mole’s House;
– dinner at the restaurant at the end of the universe; and then
– off to the Mos Eisley cantina for some blue milk, repetitive space jazz, and the company of various scum and villainy, watching the twin suns of Tattooine set.

And one place I wouldn’t go

To Tahiti. Even if it is a magical place.



41 thoughts on “Dream Travels – TGBOL

  1. I’ve only ever traveled because there was a reason, other than to simply BE somewhere or see something. As a result, I have gotten to see many things and enjoy their gifts as genuine surprises that brought smiles to my heart. ❤

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  2. Ooh lovely places in one lovely list. 😀 I didn’t think of including my dream travel to a fictional world but if I were to list it down Shire would definitely take the first spot. And Hogwarts. And Pemberley. 🙂 🙂

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    • It’s purely an Avengers/SHIELD joke. I’m sure it really is magical! (Incidentally, the only real place in the world I would have listed there is Canberra… a triumph for the bureaucrats over the status of Sydney, and the cultural charms of Melbourne!)

      Hope to take you up on that coffee one day 🙂


      • Canberra has great charm, maybe you only experienced the bogan bits? There is the National Museum, National Gallery, National Library, the War Museum, the Science Museum, the old Parliament House political museum with Eva Petrov’s Purple shoe the Botanic gardens are a wonder, Black Mountain at night is fantastic, the lake , the Carillon. The original Walter Burley Griffin design was a masterpiece.

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        • I can believe we didn’t see the best of it… But I’ve never been in a town, of any size, before, where the town centre is deserted on a Sat night, such that you struggle to find a bar! It had a very functional feel, lacking the natural charm that we experienced pretty much everywhere else in your country. It felt like a university campus, after the students have gone home… Presumably parliament wasn’t in session while we were there. I imagine that would have made for a very different feel


          • Al it sounds like you really were in the Uni campus, it is right slap up against the Canberra town centre. But also the city is in fact a series of small cities separated by green spaces and Canberra is one of these small cities . You appreciate that when you look at a map of Canberra. Also when the design was completed in the early C20th everyone was home tucked up in bed by 8.30 pm. This hedonistic clubbing, dining, partying lifestyle is very much second half C20th. (isn’t it??)

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  3. Just read up through your comments Al. People can visit The Shire in New Zealand’s South Island, its a very touristy place and you can take tea in Bilbo’s front room. And You can also visit Hogwarts in Osaka Japan. A young friend was showing me photos yesterday of Harry Potter’s World at Universal Studios in Osaka. She is a dedicated fan and swears by the experience including authentic drink and food.

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