Dinner’s Nearly Served (poem)

A reblog of this slice of this Python-style humour… here there be toilet jokes!

A Certain Point of View

Before you sit for tea
Make sure you go and wee.
Prior to pecan pie, or cake
Treat yourself to a comfort break.

Do a widdle or a piddle,
It’s really up to you

There remains the tiny matter,
Of emptying your bladder.
So, before I bring a morsel in
Point Percy at the porcelain.

Have a tinkle in a twinkle
It’s really up to you

And, before the food’s consumed,
Off to the littlest room!
Please go – use the facilities
‘Ere we begin civilities.

It will scupper your supper
If you pop off for a poo

Thank you!

toilet humour

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