Limerick – Lost

#1 – For laughs
In a land all covered in frost
Two explorers were counting the cost,
As they ploughed through the snow,
With no clue where to go,
Because they refused to admit that they’re lost!


#2 – Playing it straight
The fearless crew were tempest-tossed
By foaming seas where hope was lost.
On an island, their hardy ship shattered
Leaving them bloodied, bruised and battered;
They survived, but what was the cost?



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28 thoughts on “Limerick – Lost

  1. Awesome limericks – both of them!
    The first one made me laugh so hard, it reminds me of my Dad – he never admits to being lost and wouldn’t look into Google Maps/GPS or let me help him with the way! We just keep going round and round and round! 😀
    The second limerick is intense – I really liked it. Was it inspired from anything in particular?

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