Haiku – Spider

Spider spins his web
Deceit piles upon deceit
Until elected.

Then, post-election
Buoyed by success and power
The real lies begin.


I have a strong feeling that one of my followers in particular will like this one… this one’s for you, Denis!

Written for – https://haikuhorizons.wordpress.com/2016/02/21/haiku-horizons-prompt-spider/


Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/cmuffins/4880251983

43 thoughts on “Haiku – Spider

  1. Thanks Al, I love this, in six lines of poetry you say it all. The one big advantage we the people, (those lucky enough to live in countries that have fairly democratic voting systems) now have is that technology/communications are so all encompassing politicians can now rarely get away with this deceit etc . Can I say to all the Americans reading this fantastic haiku of Al’s, vote and vote wisely. In Australia we have compulsory voting and the people are finally getting on top of the politicians at state level. One term governments are now happening and it may well happen federally. We also have a third Green party pulling in around 15 % of the vote with mostly committed genuine politicians getting elected. How the 2 major parties hate them.

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