Ten Tired Parents

TEN tired parents
Nursing evening wine
One moved onto vodka
And that left…

NINE tired parents
Gossiping at the gate
One stepped into the road
And that left…

EIGHT tired parents
Talking about heaven
One couldn’t wait
And that left…

SEVEN tired parents
With DIY to fix
One got electrocuted
And that left…

SIX tired parents
Washing up the knives
One slipped and cut themself
And that left…

FIVE tired parents
Wanting something more
One had a midlife crisis
And that left…

FOUR tired parents
As tired as can be
One passed out in Tesco
And that left…

THREE tired parents
Too sleep-deprived to chew
One choked on a biscuit
And that left…

TWO tired parents
Nagging, no longer fun,
One realised they’d become their parents
And that left…

ONE tired parent
Sitting all alone
They’d left baby in the trolley
When they’d driven home!

TEN tired parents
Back together again
Wondering what would happen
If they didn’t have their friends!



“It’s tiring work wearing your parents out…”

Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/abardwell/418423706

42 thoughts on “Ten Tired Parents

  1. So, since I am a total #FanGil here, promise to keep writing throughout infinity, ‘Kay? This is just so delightful and I am convinced you were born Where The Side Walk Ends #DidYouSeeWhatIDidThere

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  2. Interesting poem Al. I must say Dogs are a lot easier than kids, (shorter training time frame). If you have to have kids around teaching is the best option, short contact times 5 days a week with decent no contact breaks (holidays) and if something goes wrong then hand over to the TIRED PARENTS. And no long term commitments (graduation).

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