Powering down…

As well as it being my weekly “offline Saturday”, this week I will be shutting down in a more literal, medical sense. As this is posted, I will be under general anaesthetic for an operation to hopefully cure the issues that have kept me off work for three of the past six months. Post-op recovery is likely to be painful, for at least a few days, possibly weeks.

As a consequence, I may be around less in the coming week… it is also possible that I’ll go the opposite way, and plug myself into the matrix completely, as other options will be limited.

On the bright side, there’s only a one-in-50,000 chance that I’ll actually die, as my doctor cheerfully informed me.

Never tell me the odds!

I’m sure, with trademark Lane optimism, that it’ll all be alright.

I’ll just park this here in the meantime…


21 thoughts on “Powering down…

  1. Well, I am simply aghast that this is the first that I am hearing about this… 😉 Seriously dude… I shall hang around, whistle a merry tune, not allow myself to be too idle and believe that the powers that be, shall right you in fine style. Be well and get back here pronto! Or at least let us know you are okay. ❤

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  2. I have only just seen this as I am a bit behind at the moment, I love it when the doctors want to put your mind at rest with their ‘odds that you might die’ talk! I hope you get your op done soon, and get back on the road to recovery! 🙂

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