So, er, this is awkward…

Yesterday was a real rollercoaster of a day.

Having psyched myself up for surgery, following all the advice on what I could and couldn’t eat and drink at the relevant times, I kissed my family goodbye and caught the bus to the hospital… where I sat around for several hours, fully gowned-up in finest hospital-style, before being told that an earlier emergency surgery had over-run, and that my operation would have to be re-scheduled.


It’s one of those annoying annoyances that you can’t even really be annoyed about. As babbitman put it, it’s “someone having a slightly worse time of things that slightly inconveniences you”.

I now await the call – hopefully on Monday – to reschedule. Obviously I’m hoping that it’s not too long a wait. Thank you to everyone for your lovely messages. I will re-read them once the op has actually taken place ❤

As a little postscript, I had gone into the hospital without wallet, keys or phone, anticipating being collected by my wife post-surgery, and not wanting to risk losing my valuables. She was spending the afternoon taking our eldest to a climbing centre with his Beavers group…

The hospital let me call my wife on her mobile after giving me the news, but the only information I managed to get from that short, crackly call was the name of the venue, and that it was “somewhere near the Victoria Centre” (a large shopping centre).

I had a bus-pass, £2 in change, and no real clue where to go…

I set off, determined to be as resourceful as Jack Bauer, and find this venue within the hour (before they finished and moved on – no phone, remember). I even had the “24 beeps” in my head. I used my bus pass to get me near the Vic Centre, and hotfooted it across town (for two reasons – 1 – the clock was ticking, and 2- I was wearing “loose fitting hospital wear”, and looked like a hobo. I didn’t want to bump into anyone I knew!)

So anyway, I thought I’d be clever and ask at the information desk at the Vic Centre… they’d never heard of it. Nor had the cleaner. Nor had some random guy walking by with his kid. Dammit! So I turned to a basic GCSE-level knowledge of Central Business Districts, and thought about the areas of the city centre most likely to house a climbing centre… then basically wandered around a bit until I found it!

How on earth did we survive before we had mobile phones, complete with maps of everything and everywhere in the world? Did we just wander around like this all the time, muttering dammit under our breaths??



This was just like me, apart from the gun. Guns kill people

31 thoughts on “So, er, this is awkward…

  1. ‘Oh no!’ – was my first reaction, but after your tale, I have to admit I did giggle QUITE a lot! I have some wonderful imagery of you, in your flattering hospital gear (how do they get the tailoring so right?!), muttering expletives to yourself, until you found your destination. You wouldn’t have looked crazy at all!
    I am VERY impressed with your endeavour though, and intrepid resourcefulness – no better man! 🙂

    Hopefully, when they ring this time, the op will actually take place – & good luck with it. You may want to pack a small bag of essentials though… map, nibbles, torch, fire starting kit (only for small and necessary warmth, mind you), at least a £5 note, and possibly a Indiana Jones style hat (just to help you get into character!)… och, you know, the usuals! 🙂

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  2. Oh Al! I’m sorry you had such an inconvenience.
    I remember having a similar problem once, except I felt it was a bit reversed, in the sense I needed a D&C, having been told on a Friday afternoon my baby had died, I didn’t drink anything on Monday morning, hoping to be getting the surgery as soon as possible. They told me it would be scheduled for sometime late afternoon (so I still couldn’t eat or drink ,since it was already late morning by the time they told me, so less than 8 hours before surgery)… and then, as I was all ready to go, they told me that a previous surgery had over run. Someone having plastic surgery. And I must say that though I did understand that if the surgeon wasn’t happy with the outcome, he’d want to redo it, but there I was, having had my life suspended for the past 3 days, and I had to wait. Sigh!

    So I know a little bit about feeling peeved about it, but not feeling allowed to feel peeved… Sorry you had to go through this too.

    This said, I love your way of turning a sad and possibly scary story into something that made me laugh. Thank you for that 🙂

    How did we do without mobile phones before? I wonder every day. And wait til your kids are old enough to wander off on their own! It’s scary how much one can rely on mobile phones to keep in touch with them, and the sense of security they can give to parents and kids alike 🙂

    Let us know how surgery goes when it does happen!

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  3. Hilarious extra information there… Reminds me of our mutual friend Matt EJ & his ‘sitcom life’.
    Climbing centre near the Vic Centre? Wow, I can’t think of anywhere likely, so well worked out! Was it around the back near Huntingdon St / Glasshouse St? You would have fitted in quite well with some of the locals in their loose shambling clothing 😉
    Seriously though, hope it all goes to plan on Monday & you come back with fun articles about hospital matrons.

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  4. Well, you managed to make a stressful situation for you into a humorous read for us…kudos! Bummer about the surgery being postponed because, like you said, you have to psych yourself up for it and it’s a bit of an emotional drain. Will keep sending you good thoughts for the actual surgery!

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  5. Too bad you couldn’t have simply camped out there until they had the time to perform your surgery. You know, just set up shop, explain that it’s okay you have to wait, all you have it time! Order something yummy from the cafeteria, kick back and see what’s on the telly and smile pretty. Yeah, they’ll either get you in and out in short order or they’ll have a limo take you wherever you need to be. Yup, let them know this is the plan next time. #IGotYourBack

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      • Hell’s bells… it might have been fun to have them on, considering they had originally planned to have you there and YOU had originally planned to spend some time there… Accountability man! Accountability! lol – now the other side of me quite agrees. It was off the pancake house when they pulled that on me back in 2005. Of course the looks on the faces of my co-workers when I showed up in time for my shift was priceless. I just said, yeah, I heal quickly… 😉

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  6. Hilarious! No op and an adventure that would make a boy scout get earn his stripes (or badges or whatever they get). I did think you were quick to like a comment on your other post…thought maybe they hadn’t given you the strong stuff!

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