Words, Alone

No tingled touch
Upon bare skin.
No toss of hair;
Or playful grin.
These words, alone, to woo.

No eyes to meet,
Or silence break.
No hand to hold,
Or breath to take.
These words, alone, to woo.

No stolen glance
Or moments miss.
No lips to touch,
Or nape to kiss.
Words, alone, to woo.

No whispered wants
Or breathy hush.
No caress
Or soaring rush.
Words, alone, to woo.

No midnight madness
Guilt to cleanse.
Falling quickly;
More than friends.

No joy.
No pain.
Fleeting there
And back again.
My words, alone.
For you.



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/marianoluchini/356984599

61 thoughts on “Words, Alone

  1. Very serious stuff Al, limericks one minute, walking dead poems, haiku of course and suddenly this breath of emotional outpouring. This wasn’t your light bulb poem as you burst from adolescence some years back by any chance? (hidden under pages of other poetry and love letters like an early Mozart masterpiece)

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