Monday Musing… The Worst Day…

Everyone has a bad day from time to time. Maybe not “attacked-by-a-bear-then-left-to-die-in-the-woods” bad, but everyday bad. Even those we see as being particularly blessed will have a shocker now and again. Bill Gates will get his wang caught in his fly. Dave Grohl (“nicest man in rock”) will accidentally drop a “c-bomb” in front of his mum at a family dinner. David Beckham will get completely ignored in public, while his son gets spotted and subjected to trial by selfie. Donald Trump will accidentally put the hamster on his head, while his wig is being cleaned…

Yeah, I’m keeping this build-up light. Last Thursday was a shocker for me. And that saying about things coming in threes? Yep, that too.

Thursday morning, out of the blue, I got told at work I’m going to be made redundant. In the afternoon, a serious health scare for someone very close to me, that will need surgery.

These are both major shocks to the system, but it was the one that happened in between that made me break down and cry like a baby.

I saw my cat die.

While getting changed out of my work clothes, brain whizzing about with what I’m going to do next, how we’re going to pay the mortgage/ feed the kids/ get through this one, I watched my cat die on the bed, right next to me.

With no warning, she lay her head on its side, and just curled up like a leaf closing, pulling in on herself. The air slowly leaving her body. A balloon silently deflating.

I patted her and stroked her, saying her name over and over, but there was no reaction. I patted her a bit more urgently. Nothing.

Her heart wasn’t beating.

Her lungs weren’t working.


I started blubbing like a baby, sobbing her name.

Maybe ten seconds later, she lifted her head up and let out a couple of angry mews (pain?).

I went to stroke her, but she ran off and hid downstairs. She was a bit skittish for the rest of the day, but otherwise acted the same as normal. A bit mental, a bit stand-offish, very demanding about food. You know, like a normal cat.

I know my cat, and I know how she reacts to things. I am absolutely certain that she died. And yet here she is now, nuzzling around my feet, acting within her normal parameters of strangeness.

Maybe her throat closed or something. I don’t know. Do cats suffer from anaphylactic shock?

So with those big three things happening on the same day, the one that made me really cry, and is making me well up recalling it, was my cat dying. For a bit.

Go figure.



My cat. Definitely just napping this time.

80 thoughts on “Monday Musing… The Worst Day…

  1. Bloody hell mate! I’ve been made redundant I think three times and my dad had a heart attack a few years back but we just get up and carry on. When my childhood moggie died when I was 17 I was pretty choked and I’m dreading the time my current furry mate shuffles off his mortal coil – he’s about 12 already but he still acts like a stupid kitten (honestly, you wouldn’t believe the pestering for playing I get when I work from home).
    The cat is definitely the one that would upset me the most so I feel for you. But at least she’s fine now – and that’s probably the best thing to take from last week: you appreciate the joy of still having your cat.

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  2. Sorry to hear of all these things, Al – can’t really ‘like’ this post – glad your feline friend is still functioning. Take care and best wishes for positive outcomes from me and mine *man hug*?


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  3. Al. I cried as I read about kitty dying! Then my heart did a happy dance as your pet claimed one of her 7 lives! It was probably your tears and calling it back that did the trick. Best of luck and prayers as you look for work!

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  4. Sorry to hear about the job scene…I’m sure something even better is heading your way!
    The surgery should help heal whatever it was your relative was suffering from – Thank goodness they found it on time to get the surgery done and stop it from becoming anything worse!
    And your beloved Cat fought death to come back to you – that’s an amazing feat!
    All in all, I did say that was not bad at all….you managed well, my friend! *Hugs*

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  5. That settles it, ALL of you are moving in with me! We’ll manage somehow. Oh, and bring the magic cat, we have 3 here, she’ll be right at home! 🙂

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  6. Oh how dreadful! It’s odd how things happen in threes. Are there ever three “good” things that happen that way? Or do we not notice them as readily? I certainly hope your cat is ok and it was just a passing thing, and that your relative’s surgery is successful and the recovery quick. Lastly, I hope that a new and better job opportunity presents itself right away! Hugs!

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  7. Oy. So much sadness, thank God about your cat first of all. That is crazy, but felines are known for their insanity. I am sure your heart couldn’t take much more that day!
    I hope you at least have a bit of time to seek another position, that has happened to me as well, though it was more of a ‘all of a sudden we’re changing your job completely so you’ll be begging to leave’ type of thing. Right before Christmas. If I wasn’t so far away I would have been tempted to go have a giant yarn bonfire in the parking lot…hopefully it won’t come to that for you.
    Sending hugs, and hope for better days – sooner than later. Pet that kitty for me, and I’ll stop calling mine a brat. For today at least. Xx

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  8. What a tough surreal day. Sorry about the job and the illness, and I’m glad the cat is up and around. My guess is a seizure, but then what do I know – nothing. Blubbering about a cat, Al – just shows that you have a heart – got me all teary too. 🙂 Hope your week improves tenfold.

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  9. Oh Al, I really feel for you. It must have been a tough day! All that after almost having surgery last week… did it happen this week?
    I hope the job thing works out soon. Maybe it’s because your next book will be selling so well, you’ll get into all the best reviews and will live off royalties rather than have to do something else for a living? That would really be a nice turn around for you, wouldn’t it?

    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.
    And I’m impressed by how positive you still manage to make it all sound. You are a good man Al. I’m lucky to know you, even if only through words on a screen.

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  10. Oh no, what a day! Was the redundancy out of the blue? Have you got anything else lined up? The job market is so unstable out there and this has happened to so many of my friends. A nightmare. I hope your friend’s surgery goes well and the health scare sorted. A worrying time. As for your cat – how odd but great she’s okay now. Fingers crossed it was a one off. Take care.

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  11. Sorry to read about your really bad day, Al. I wish you lots of luck with finding a new job and will keep my fingers crossed for you. I hope you go on to bigger and better things in your career.
    As for the cat, well I know how you must have felt. They become a huge part of our lives. I remember so well when I discovered the Goldfish I’d had for 16 years was with us no more. “It’s only a goldfish” I was told, but any pet means so much more to us than those words.

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  12. You definitely win the bad day award–but just for the one day. It will get better! Several years ago, just as we were about to close on our first house, my husband got fired. We thought the world ended, but once things stopped spinning, we could see it was the best thing that could have happened. Have patience that things will somehow work themselves out–for the better! It’s so hard to see that close up.

    And as for the cat, I’m glad the story ended with a return to life! It’s that whole “cats have nine lives” thing, right? One down–eight more to go! Take care!

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