Haiku – The Fear

#1 – The Writer
I spy my future
Idea sparks; ride the quake…
No plot worth a damn

#2 – The Fear
Spies and plots condemn.
Quaking at shadows; spark gone.
What is fear worth?



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/lolowaro/14770821388


Written for : http://thesecretkeeper.net/2016/03/07/weekly-writing-prompt-27/
Prompt words: WORTH | SPARK | PLOT | QUAKE | SPY

14 thoughts on “Haiku – The Fear

      • I don’t feel it as much when I am writing poetry but with prose, it can really frighten me. I am working on trying to understand it. I think it is similar to an actor preparing to go on stage to perform. Most get sick. but then they are in the moment connected to the story, the line, and the character they are inside of. As a writer when we hit that point the fear may just slip away. Fear definitely awakens the senses.

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        • And because of that, I rely on it… for example, I haven’t written a haiku for your prompt words yet. I plan to publish in four hours or so… something will spark between now and then!


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