How to Write a Poem

This poem is incredible… please read!

O at the Edges

chain saw

How to Write a Poem

Learn to curse in three languages. When midday
yawns stack high and your eyelids flutter, fire up

the chain saw; there’s always something to dismember.
Make it new. Fear no bridges. Accelerate through

curves, and look twice before leaping over fires,
much less into them. Read bones, read leaves, read

the dust on shelves and commit to memory a thousand
discarded lines. Next, torch them. Take more than you

need, buy books, scratch notes in the dirt and watch
them scatter down nameless alleys at the evening’s first

gusts. Gather words and courtesies. Guard them carefully.
Play with others, observe birds, insects and neighbors,

but covet your minutes alone and handle with bare hands
only those snakes you know. Mourn the kindling you create

and toast each new moon as if it might be the last one
to tug your personal tides. When driving, sing…

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9 thoughts on “How to Write a Poem

  1. Haha. I follow Bob’s blog, so initially when I saw this, I though he’d re-posted with the line “This poem is incredible…please read!” I thought that was taking things to a whole other ego level haha, although I agree, it is incredible. I love it! He is a bit of a master isn’t he? 🙂

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  2. I’ve got the first line down, and some… I used to work with chain saws, though I’m not the one who held them… I’m fairly good at reading dust on shelves, I mean, I let it accumulate enough that it is there to be read at least 😉 I always try to observe birds, insects and leaves. I add flowers to the mix too, just for fun, and I have a special relationship with the moon.
    I may not be doing it that wrong then! 😉

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