34 thoughts on “Haiku – Mind

    • There are different ways this can be interpreted. I’m a rugby fan – they often talk of games being won “in the top two inches” – ie two equally matched teams compete, and the one that tends to triumph is the one better prepared, better drilled, better able to adapt their game to what’s happening, and mentally tougher to push their bodies beyond the limit.

      There’s also the psychological interpretation, judging something after the fact as either being a success or a failure. If that judgement is based on external factors, ie did my poem win that competition, then we might judge ourselves a failure because we’ve not achieved a subjective standard outside of our control. If I write the best poem that’s ever been written about love, but the judge has just had their heart broken… not much I can do about that. But if our definition of success is based on internal factors, ie have I written a poem that I’m proud of, then that’s all we need to focus on.

      Setting goals is important for our longer-term strategy.

      But success or “failure” is a purely internal, emotional, response. We CAN decide which one applies.

      Not that I’ve thought about this much… 🙂


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