TGBOL – Dinner Party!

For this week’s Great Book of Lists prompt, we’ve been asked to host a dinner party, and invite anyone we like, alive or dead.

Where to even begin with this one? Well, as seems increasingly to be the case, my first thought was for writers… then musicians… then people who generally inspire me… plus a few who would liven up any party (who wouldn’t want to dance the macarena with Einstein on the dance floor after a few sherries??). I have left out those who I would like to have met one-on-one, but am not sure about inviting to a party situation (Van Gogh, Roald Dahl, Queen Elizabeth I, Marie Curie…)

So, in no particular order, I would invite:

Neil Gaiman
Stephen Fry
Nelson Mandela
Albert Einstein
Maya Angelou
Nick Cave
David Bowie
Frank Turner
Muhammad Ali
Shel Silverstein
JK Rowling
Joss Whedon
Amelia Earhart
Bill Hicks
The Dalai Lama (these last two to sit next to each other)

My co-host for this party would be Dorothy Parker. I am also tempted to invite Brian Blessed, the actor/ explorer, although I’m not sure my ears would take it… perhaps we could lock him in the next room?



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35 thoughts on “TGBOL – Dinner Party!

  1. I’m not entirely sure about your list here….I mean, can’t you see it? Gaiman and Fry would be having a lively conversation, while Whedon, Silverstein, and Rowling having their own, until some brilliant arguments commenced. Earhart would be sulking in the corner, until Ali went to speak to her. They leave together.
    Meanwhile Shakespeare and Angelou would be having a words battle, which would interrupted by Mandela, so that might work out. Bowie would kick Turner off the stage, he wouldn’t stand a chance, Cave would be playing over in his own corner, respectively.
    Parker would fall in love with Einstein, and they’d leave the party early, leaving you to host all by yourself.
    Personally, I’ll be hanging out in the corner with Hicks, the Dalai Lama, and Mandela. At least some of us will be enjoying ourselves. Oh, and you’re welcome for me crashing your dinner party. Good thing you didn’t also invite the Queen herself. 🙂

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    • The scary thing for me is actually how little thought I put into this! I guess it’s become such a classic question that I’ve subconsciously had an answer filed away for some time. It does sound a fun group! 🙂

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  2. You would have trouble just sticking to food with that group Al, knowing a few of Nick Cave’s secrets . Also Al there must be a generation or culture gap between us, there are six of your guests I have never heard of, then we are isolated out in the Antipodes.

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    • Am trying to guess the 6… Neil Gaiman is my favourite author (English); Frank Turner my favourite musician – sort of folk punk rock (English); Shel Silverstein was an American poet who I only learnt of a couple of years ago through American critique group friends (he wrote A Boy Named Sue, too); Joss Whedon is an American film-maker – he directed Avengers, but more notably for me he’s the man who created Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Bill Hicks was an American comedian in the 80s/90s – a big influence in my formative years; and Dorothy Parker was an American writer and wit. I first learnt of her through her biting, caustic quotes that were used on the walls of one of my favourite pubs!

      Did I get the right 6??


  3. Wow I am impressed you are a mind reader and a poet Al. However I did not include Dorothy Parker as I thought if she was your side kick she meant a lot more to you. There is one more. (Can you please tell me our tattslotto numbers for tonight? 6 straight will do don’t need the supplementaries).

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    • Is it Brian Blessed then? He’s famous here largely for his voice work – he has the most booming voice you’ll ever hear. He was in Flash Gordon thirty years ago … “Gordon’s alive!” He also has just led a really interesting life – loads of charity work (mostly for animals), plus he is a genuine explorer, mountain climber-type. Maybe I’ll just become his penpal instead!

      As for the lottery numbers, always go random!

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      • Brian Blessed was your after thought although I haven’t heard of him, it was Maya Angelou off the list. I don’t know how you could leave Eric Clapton off an invitation list. I totally agree with Nelson Mandella and the Dali lama they are always on my lists at the top and Gough Whitlam, (have you heard of him?) The other curious omission is Prince Phillip, isn’t he the hero of every Englishman?

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        • I’m not sure what you’ve heard about Prince Philip… He is not seen as anyone’s hero here! He’s viewed as a bit of a figure of fun, if anything – like a racist uncle who says the most inappropriate things!


          • Al I was being very facetious. Our former deposed idiot of a Prime Minister Tony, (the mad monk) Abbott awarded the Prince an Australian Knighthood last year. The outrage here was overwhelming. A majority of Australians want to be a republic but the ultra conservative right rig any attempts. It will come in my lifetime. Sorry to scare you. How about Bonny Prince Charlie instead? And where was Phillip the night some lunatic broke into the palace , bypassed the corgi minefield and sat on Elizabeth’s bed??

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            • I have to say, that’s a relief! You never know how things get reported overseas. Eg American friends weren’t aware of the petition over here to prevent Trump ever being allowed back into the UK.

              I’m no monarchist – the idea of a family being nominated as the de facto head of state would never get off the ground now. It just makes no sense to me – a complete anachronism. But I am no republican either, and would choose the present Queen (and perhaps William) over any of the power-crazed idiots/ alternatives that get suggested. If only David Attenborough would (a) be interested, and (b) live forever!


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