C is for…

Welcome to Day Three of your Essential Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

We all know it’s coming – there’s no point in pretending otherwise. Some have even interpreted the refusal to believe in global warming as a herald of the end of days (either that, or large portions of the population are susceptible to the machinations and propaganda of wealthy, vested interests in perpetuating the (profitable-for-them) status quo, relying on this portion of the populace reacting like proverbial frogs in a pan of water being heated slowly on the hob… or something like that).

Point is, the end is coming, you gotta be prepared, and you ain’t gonna have time to memorise a whole bunch of stuff when it happens.

You need a short guide to surviving the rise of the undead, covering you from A to Z… 

You need… Haiku of the Dead.

Look on the bright side!
No need for daily commute,
Living in your car…

Fuel perishes fast,
And will be used up quickly.
Find a bicycle.

May seem a tempting option
When all food runs out

Resist at all costs,
Protect your humanity
By respecting theirs.

Hang onto your hope,
But don’t hold out for a cure.
Focus on living.


“You wrote this as part of a month-long challenge? What?!”

Throughout April, I will be joining the A to Z Challenge, posting six days a week to cover each letter of the alphabet… even that annoying “X”… For my theme, I have gone down the well-trodden, stereotypical, bit-of-a-cliché -really path of zombie survival tips… in haiku.

With tongue firmly in cheek, I hope you will join me for the month, and beyond 🙂

There are hundreds of blogs participating – over 1900 in fact. I will be doing my best to check out as many of these as possible. You can too via this link: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/p/a-z-challenge-sign-up-list-2016.html

35 thoughts on “C is for…

  1. Yeah, for us chubby gals, does this mean we are more likely to be delectable Zombie fare? Okay, we’re pressing on here, right? C is for chunky cheeks for flesh eating fans… lol

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  2. Hi Al
    C is for cannibalism. Cute:)
    Loved your haiku, as always.
    I also like how your zombie holds the letter of the day. Very cool.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Best Wishes
    Jo-Ann Carson

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  3. Zombie apocalypse? I kind of live it, without the zombies-eat-brains part. I teach middle school.

    *scary music playing in the background*

    Such a fun series, Al. Thanks for the smiles. And Happy A to Z.


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  4. Someone else talked about cannibalism on their A to Z post today as well. I was all set to have my lunch, when I was kind of put off. Then, after a suitable break to get the thought of cannibalism out of my head, I set out to have some lunch, but then I read your haiku. This is turning out to be an excellent way to shed weight. And the upside of that is that I’ll be of less interest to the zombies. They’ll be looking for fleshier people to dine on.

    Cheers – Ellen | http://thecynicalsailor.blogspot.com/2016/04/c-is-for-catamaran-nancy-drew.html

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