Limerick – Mystery

I hadn’t intended to write a gush-piece about Daniel Craig, but once I had that first line in my head, the rest just flowed… Enjoy! 🙂

International man of mystery
Emerged from the sea so scantily
With a licence to kill
And ladies to thrill
He’s the greatest double “O” in history!



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65 thoughts on “Limerick – Mystery

  1. I did not click because of the semi naked man. Your opening line reeled me in haha. Hadn’t intended to write a gush piece…

    Too buff for my liking. I think Sean and Pierce were the better looking bonds- and those accents!!!!

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  2. I love eye-candy––zero calories! I’m glad you decided to post this. Loved the poem and the picture. There’s something alluring about this guy and I think it has more to do with his swagger and personality than his looks. 😉

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