H is for…

Welcome to Day Eight of your Essential Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. We all know the end is coming. Well, you gotta be prepared, and you ain’t gonna have time to memorise a whole bunch of stuff when it happens.

You need a short guide to surviving the rise of the undead, covering you all the way from A to Z… You need … Haiku of the Dead!

Understand your foe:
They are driven by Hunger,
Total lust for flesh.

Avoid hospitals,
Large population centres,
And enclosed spaces.

To kill them,
Destroy their head
But keep yours.

Halloween parties
No longer seem such fun
When monsters are real

Hide and seek
No longer a game
But living

In a zombie-land,
Haiku writers will be rare.
Risk your lives for theirs!

Good sense of humour
Is vital to survival,
To maintain morale

To follow that last one up, this is officially the best post-apocalypse joke you’ll ever hear:

“Heard of zombies, mate.”
“Of course I’ve heard of zombies!”
“No… Zombie herd… Run!”



“You wrote this as part of a month-long challenge? What?!”

Throughout April, I will be joining the A to Z Challenge, posting six days a week to cover each letter of the alphabet… even that annoying “X”… For my theme, I have gone down the well-trodden, stereotypical, bit-of-a-cliché -really path of zombie survival tips… in haiku.

With tongue firmly in cheek, I hope you will join me for the month, and beyond 🙂

There are hundreds of blogs participating – over 1900. I will be doing my best to check out as many of these as possible. You can too via this link: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/p/a-z-challenge-sign-up-list-2016.html

55 thoughts on “H is for…

    • Thank Lori – appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment. I’ve visited about a hundred fellow A to Z-ers, but I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface!


  1. No time to read all of the comments, which I’m sure are lovely, but… this may be my favourite batch, Al.
    I love how your own survival instinct is kicking in. 😉
    Thanks for the smiles!

    Liked by 1 person

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