T is for…

Welcome to Day Twenty (!) of your Essential Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse… It’s … Haiku of the Dead!

Today is the day,
Tame your terror and believe
That this is your day

Trust in your new tribe
And remain true to yourself:
These will carry you

Once a friend has turned
(Died and reanimated)
Put aside feelings

Whether it’s your wife,
Best friend or even your mum,
Just kill them quickly

No coursework papers,
Exam qualifications.
Life now is the test

See the twitter fools
Tweeting the apocalypse
Then going offline…

Sorry to be crude,
But some people die naked…
Tits, twinks, and todgers!




“You wrote this as part of a month-long challenge? What?!”

Throughout April, I will be joining the A to Z Challenge, posting six days a week to cover each letter of the alphabet… even that annoying “X”… For my theme, I have gone down the well-trodden, stereotypical, bit-of-a-cliché -really path of zombie survival tips… in haiku.

With tongue firmly in cheek, I hope you will join me for the month, and beyond 🙂

There are hundreds of blogs participating – over 1700. I will be doing my best to check out as many of these as possible. You can too via this link: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/p/a-z-challenge-sign-up-list-2016.html

49 thoughts on “T is for…

  1. You’ve got me smiling here, Al. ‘Twink’ is a term used in the gay world to describe a certain gay male between the age of 20 and 30. I’ll say no more about it apart from it made for some very interesting reading in that last line of yours.
    However, there are gay zombies aren’t there, so I guess there will be some gay twink zombies? 😀

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  2. great idea for a theme and thanks for popping around to Beyond the Flow. I wonder if my dead poets could well be your zombie apocalypse, especially Shakespeare who’s head was stolen by grave robbers. By the way, Shelley’s heart didn’t burn when he was cremated and his wife kept it in a drawer until her death. Truth can be stranger than fiction! xx Rowena

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