Game of Thrones countdown – 2 of 2

Jon Snow has gone to sleep;
He bled out in the frost.
Betrayed by his own brothers
It seems all hope is lost.

Will this be a long sleep?
Perhaps it’s just a nap?
Maybe Mel can wake him,
With a fiery slap.

Maybe he’ll become
A wild and wacky Walker
(The Night’s King seemed to like him;
He’s not much of a talker)

Maybe he will warg,
Into his direwolf, Ghost.
Chase around a ball,
And head off down the coast.

Maybe he’s just dead,
And that’s the end of that.
We’ll never know his parentage,
Deprived of Ned’s lil’ chat.

Jon Snow has gone to sleep:
Is it really what it seems?
In a show that’s full of shocks
This takes it to extremes!


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35 thoughts on “Game of Thrones countdown – 2 of 2

    • There’s plenty to be hopeful for… bit of a different situation to, for example, Walking Dead, where you may die, but the only option for “coming back” is as a Walker!


  1. I’m still heartbroken. 😦 However, I do have my own theories of what may happen. I refuse to believe Jon will stay dead, so maybe the red woman brings him back to life and then we find out that he’s really Ned’s sister’s son with Robert Baratheon which means he could still end up on the iron throne as a Baratheon and not a Stark. There you have it! Or maybe he meets Daenerys and they fall in love and share the Iron Throne or maybe they decide to just forget the Iron Throne and stay and reign in Meereen together and in the end Tyrion Lannister sits on the Iron Throne as ruler of all Westeros. 😉 Happily ever after––at least for me, because this is how I envisioned it from the start.

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