99-word story – Magick

Magic is all around us. Really, it’s everywhere.

Earth Magick inhabits the trees, the soil, the water, spreading through roots and into the very air we breathe. We feel its nip on frosty mornings, its fire in blazing sunsets, hear its call by babbling brooks.

Blood Magick resides in all the creatures of the realm, from lowliest to mightiest, pulsing with each heartbeat, coursing through veins and distended bloodways. Blood Magick is life, is vitality, the ruddy cheeks of health.

It’s the gentle blossoming of love itself.

So why did I have to go and mess with Shadow Magick?



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/94186910

32 thoughts on “99-word story – Magick

  1. You know I’m a witch, right? A good witch, but a witch nonetheless 🙂
    At least that’s how I like to present myself to people at times.
    I love the magic of life, the magic of love. I’m looking forward to 1) reading where this leads and 2) reading the other 98 😉

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