Till the songbird listens
And the moon beats down
Till the wind speaks its secrets
I will wear no crown

Till the worm does turn
Every verb, a noun
Till the cold snap breaks
I will wear no crown

Till the child is father
To the man
And love is weak
This is who I am



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/pip0ka/14113923932

34 thoughts on “Until…

  1. Like it!
    I’ve just been trying to apply it to various contexts and the first two that popped into my head were:
    1) Oliver Cromwell
    2) You, at Christmas, having pulled your cracker and getting a bit curmudgeonly about the paper hat

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  2. I was already carried away in pondering the depth of the first verse, but the last one – bam! You got me. You are creatively in the right place Al, that much is certain. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      • Absolutely – YES!! How exciting. Maybe I can follow that trail in a bit…it is amazing how we can inspire one another in this way, even across the globe. Thanks Al, I’m giving you a huge smile right now! 🙂

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