Limerick – the Wiccan from Wigan

Haven’t done a daft poem or limerick for a while… “inspired” by Lily’s use of the word “Wiccan” in a comment yesterday, this is what my brain does with a word like that. Apologies… 🙂

A worrisome Wiccan from Wigan
Got anxious when he got his jig on
Till one glorious day
And a roll in the hay
Led Mary to exclaim “What a biggun!”



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55 thoughts on “Limerick – the Wiccan from Wigan

  1. Son of a…! That’s the second time you made me choke on my vape with it’s heady mixture of apple and cool mint.
    Really needed a good laugh today and you delivered. Thanks Al. 🙂

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  2. Hahaha! This is typically why we’re friends, I believe 🙂
    And I had to research what a Wiccan was! Maybe I’m one, actually. Though I’m not sure I’d be pleased if Mary were to exclaim “what a biggun” 😉

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