The Pretty Words

Round up all the pretty words
Toss them on the coals
Watch them scream and smoulder
Bonfire of the souls

Gather up the nice words
Spew them on the pyre
Feed them to the hungry flame
Dancing ever higher

The pleasant, perky, perfect words
Shred them one by one
Confetti-cast that catalogue
Into this parody of the sun

The beautiful, buoyant, bonny words
Line up by the door
Await their fate without a fight
We need them here no more


I’ve recorded an audio version of this HERE



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56 thoughts on “The Pretty Words

    • I hadn’t seen that before – thanks for flagging it! I’ve got a few others recorded that I’m going to be drip-feeding on here over the coming days – will link one of those to your open mic page 🙂

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  1. I see the Dark Side won out today. Your recordings add much more depth, nice touch with the ticking music. Al goes to see the macabre show, I love it! Let those pretty words be rendered useless.

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    • Thank you… this was written after hearing of a friend’s death. I wanted to write something that could be used at a funeral, while still being ambiguous about what had happened, or what the poem was about

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      • Oh dear, my apologies Al! I’m afraid our responses are so oftentimes silly, and lighthearted, I had no idea. Obviously I mean no offense. I believe this poem fits that idea perfectly, what a treasure. It is just right.

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    • Thank you! One of the things I like about reading poetry is the interpretation it goes through in the reader’s head, but sometimes I also like to make sure that others can “read” it the way that it plays in my head 🙂

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