Jonny From 9B

I’ve done another voice recording to go with this one HERE

Never got on wi’ Shakespeare
Byron did nowt fa me
The only poet that I like is
Jonny from 9B

Sassoon sounds like a baboon
Wordsworth’s too wordy, you see
Nun a them ‘owds a candle
To Jonny from 9B

Coleridge couldn’t rime (or spell)
Rosen and Carroll ain’t fa me
Nun a them’s a patch
On Jonny from 9B

Dylan Thomas? Dad prefers Bob.
Larkin? Hughes? Big whoopee!
Nun a them’s fit to ‘owd a pencil
For Jonny from 9B

For Jonny’s a proper poet –
‘e makes sure all ‘is lines rhyme
Not just now an’ then
But time after time (after time)

‘e don’t bang on about love
An’ all that mushy stuff –
‘e tells us tales of scoring goals,
Playing pranks an’ acting tough.

All the teachers ‘ate ‘im
But Jonny – ‘e don’t care.
The playground’s ‘is stage
Telling tales wi’ style an’ flair

An’ for a precious few
Beneath that willow tree
A thousand dreams are dreamed
Through Jonny from 9B



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Note for non-UK readers – “9B” refers to the year and class that he is in – Jonny would be 13 or 14 years old.

46 thoughts on “Jonny From 9B

  1. Love it.
    Here’s something I tried on the theme of old poets…

    Poetry Class
    I’ve lost years to selfish myopia,
    A self-inflicted Miltonian curse;
    Ne’er imagined such poetic utopia
    When reading Chaucerian verse.
    I’ve honoured the Bard from a distance
    Whose Marvel’s have Donne me no good;
    And Swift has been my resistance
    To Keats’s autumnal soul-food.
    And when Hopkins near sprung me from prison,
    I relapsed and began doubting Dylan.
    But, at last, I’ve changed my prescription
    Revealing a lost world so rare.
    I can now read that famous inscription:
    “Look on my works, enjoy: don’t despair.

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  2. This could be the lyrics to an Arctic Monkey song…that’s the group, not actual Arctic monkeys…
    It’s amazing how it takes on a completely different tone when you hear the audio version.

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