The Limerick King

My friend Rita wrote a great pair of limericks – . When I visited her blog to compliment her, she called me (hugely over-generously) “the limerick king”. To which I replied…

I asked my wife to call me that in bed…

She said “those limerick’s have gone to your head,
I’m not being rude,
But this queen’s not amused,
So sleep on the sofa instead!”


water-1374573397L8n By George Hodan


56 thoughts on “The Limerick King

  1. Since I’ve read that limericks are “supposed to be humorous”, I’d probably agree that you’re a limerick king–and this one is quite delightful. I’ve done only a handful of limericks, some of them humorous–but at least a couple, like the most recent posted one, are more serious (maybe some very dry wry humor, so subtle it won’t make folks laugh…).

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  2. She’s right, you know? Rita I mean.
    I wouldn’t comment on your wife… 🙂
    Good luck with the job hunt. I am also going to be looking shortly, though I’m not quite in as dire a situation as you, I’d like to be able to live without needing support from the ex, really 😉

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