99 word story – The Bird

This happened this morning. Every word is true.

On a cold, damp, May morning, my son and I were walking to the school breakfast club. There’s a serenity to that hour that the day erodes, bit by bit, as the noise seeps in. We crossed the empty road, hand-in-hand, and both stepped aside instinctively as a black shape fluttered out into the centre of the road, and disappeared.

“Dad, did you see that bird’s shadow?” he said, wide-eyed and innocent.

I looked up at the brooding grey sky above, the lack of any street lighting, or lights from houses, or cars…

“Yes, son,” I said, and gripped his hand.



Picture credit: flickr.com/photos/adders/15541087346

52 thoughts on “99 word story – The Bird

  1. So well written Al. I’m almost envious 😉

    And… if you weren’t so sensitive to the world around you, you probably wouldn’t have noticed. So… thank your poet mind for seeing it. And don’t be surprised when your son writes his first rhymes and they’re as good as his father’s 🙂

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