Limerick – Plonker

Welcome to Limerick Mondays! By coincidence, the timing for a couple of prompt competitions falls well with starting the week with a bit of a smile… more limericks to come later today 🙂 This one’s for Esther Newton’s weekly challenge

In England, there’s a bit of a craze
For saying insults in different ways
From plonker to prat to poultroon
Then pilchard to blue-arsed baboon…
Tell me, what’s your favourite phrase?



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40 thoughts on “Limerick – Plonker

  1. My favourite would come under the Obscene Publications Act of 1959, so probably best not to mention. In saying that, the fact that there are a slew of people coming away from your posts with a repertoire of never before heard of insults, is hilarious in the extreme.

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  2. Here is an Aussie interpretation to add to your artistic gem Al
    Please note in line 3 replace … with “da da three times

    In Australia we call it straight
    yet often a curse will end in mate
    …head …wit … clown
    none of these insults raise a frown
    but abuse one’s dog and you’re tempting fate

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