I crumble up the bread
Offer up some crumbs
Jealously guard the loaf
The source from which it comes

This artisanal loaf is mine alone
I do not wish to share it
It’s something of an acquired taste
And I don’t want to dare it

So take the crumbs and leave me be
There’s nothing more to taste
Than the hard-baked hearts of foolish men
Who’ve left their skills to waste



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21 thoughts on “Breadcrumbs

  1. Sober words…how we try to save our best for the things in life we love, like our partners, our families, our writing/art. And we give up the crumbs to the unappreciative boss or faceless corporation that employs us. They would take the whole loaf, given the vhance​…

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  2. There is so many ways this poem can be interpreted, but for me it’s about offering others parts of yourself, whilst saving the true you for either those who are more important, or just for yourself…damn, I got all serious then. Let me get back to MY true self…”BUM!” There, I feel much better now. 🙂

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  3. Great poem Al. Once again politics jumps out of your creative lines. I see the arch conservative politician here telling the working class peasants to eat cake (if they can get any). I think deep down in your sub conscious you are hankering for a go at politics at any level as a saviour of the little people.

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